Dylan and Latife Myers

This is Dylan and Latife Myers, a couple I  recently photographed. I went with an overall theme to bring the images together. I haven’t photographed many couples but I enjoyed the new experience. These two were fun to work with. The location this was photographed is in downtown Okmulgee. Anne Spoon has a studio set up there where she is painting portraits of people in Okmulgee. And I appreciate her giving us permission to shoot there.

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This is my grandma, Christine Marshall. I’ve been wanting to capture a photo of her that showed something about her.

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Laurie Cummings

This is Laurie, I also worked with her in the film “The Only Oly. She was one of the lead roles in the film and it was great working with her. She mentioned she’s been told she had a look similar to that of the era of the series Mad Men. So we kind of based this around the same time. Laurie was excited to get some of her mothers and grandmothers jewelry that is originally from this era. I think it turned out great, and this has become one of my favorite images.

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Tyler Roberds

This is Tyler, he works as a graphic designer and also an actor. Early this spring I worked with him on his feature film, The Only Oly . This was his first feature film that he directed and filmed. He asked me to be his second camera and help with a few other things. Its been a busy few weeks but he had time to model for me as I’m getting my portfolio ready.

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This Is My Family

Being gone in California for three months made me miss my family a lot. Lately I’ve been wanting to make sure I have at least one photograph of each members of my family. Its not only a part of my work, but also a memory of my family that I can keep. This is my a photograph of my dad (Jason), stepmom (Stephanie), and brother (Bryson) along with my dad’s new toy.

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Levi the Poet

 This is Levi Macallister. I’ve met him three times. Once two years ago, once while I was off in California, and once the other night in Sapulpa. He’s an awesome person with a unique gift from God. Here’s a link to his website: Levi the Poet. Also check out the White Collar Sideshow .

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Geologist: Jeff

Jeff works with Ryan while they research sand dunes. We spent a day at a particular dune they looked at a couple weeks back. And collected data, samples, and images to compare to what they last recorded. This was captured about the time the mist started rolling in from the ocean.

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